Aaron Lamar


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Aaron Lamar is a God-fearing Christian vocal artist with a love and passion for music.  His goal is to share his God-given gift with the world.  Aaron has been singing, listening to, and learning music ever since he was a toddler.  As he got older, his family nurtured and encouraged him to pursue anything that had to do with music.  He uses music as another means to express himself.  His drive and determination to master this craft grows stronger everyday with God’s grace.  He has been perfecting his gift of song from grade school while singing in the choir and later in college where he expanded into training in classical and opera performances.  Singing and praising in the church choir kept Aaron grounded to where God began using him to touch and bless the lives of everyone that heard him sing.  His prayer for all of you is that his music impacts and blesses your life in so many ways, by keeping you positive and bringing you closer to God through the good and the bad times.  He welcomes you on his journey of making a Joyful Noise!